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09/19/39 - 03/22/88

Estevan S. Vigil

The family and friends of Estevan Vigil along with NMSOH are hoping to put a stop to the continued pressure put on by some local "victims" groups who are inappropriately attempting to see Janet Vigil, the murderer of Estevan Vigil, released early from prison based on nothing but the words of his killer - Janet Vigil. Janet was convicted by a Jury and found guilty of 1st degree premeditated murder and this decision was reviewed and upheld on appeal by the NM Supreme Court.   Each new Governor is asked or pressured in one way or another to pardon or commute the life sentence of Janet Vigil. 

NMSOH has researched this case and based on the facts,  not the words of the murderer, find there is no merit to the claims that Estevan's murder was in any shape or form justified.   There is no proof that we have seen to uphold Janet Vigil's claims of domestic abuse or the claims that her 26 year old daughter was molested by her stepfather,  Mr. Vigil.   

When former Governor Gary Johnson was considering this issue back in 2001 he was told that Janet Vigil was an abused woman who was serving a life sentence unjustly.  This was only a claim made by the convicted murderer and someone has somehow convinced a few of the domestic violence woman's groups to take up her cause.  When our President, Patti March,  asked to speak to the coalition of domestic violence groups who were pushing for this murderers release, we were denied.  They did not want to hear about the facts that we had uncovered through legal documents and discussions with the prosecutor/s and advocates who handled this case.

Fortunately, the family of the victim, NMSOH and letters from concerned citizens convinced former Governor Johnston to look at the facts.  The facts spoke for themselves and Johnson determined it was not in the best interest of justice or our community to commute the sentence of Janet Vigil.

Our sources tell us now that the newest attempt has already begun with our new Governor Richardson.  This has been going on for years and the family of Estevan must relive their pain each time this issue is brought up to a new Governor.   We urge those pushing for her release to stop or at the very least read some of the facts first in the Supreme Court Ruling which upheld the 1st degree conviction of this murderer and base your decision on fact not rumor.

These documents are in .pdf format.  It requires that you have Adobe Acrobat's free reader installed on your machine.  If you need a copy just click on the link below to download it.

Letter to Former Governor Johnson from the Vigil Family.

State of New Mexico v. Janet Elaine Vigil No. 18869 - Supreme Court of New Mexico.

On behalf of the extended family of Mr. Estevan Vigil we thank you for taking the time to review the documents before judging the victim in this case with no facts.  Mr. Vigil can not speak for himself so we must be his voice.

Patti March
President, NMSOH


"Someone I Love Was Murdered"

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