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Steven S. Teran, Paula Holguin, Valerie Teran & Amy Houser

Las Cruces, NM
Case # N04840

Paula  Holguin & Valerie Teran - Click for larger View Steven S. Teran - Click for  Additional Pictures
Amy Houser

"Justice for Steven, Paula, Valerie and Amy"

After 12 years, the brother of Steven Teran cannot let go of the horrific events that took the lives of three members of his family that he so desperately loved.  Steven's family has had to live with the fact that Steven, Paula and Little Valerie were executed in what has long since been dubbed  the "Bowling Alley Massacre" in Las Cruces, New Mexico for absolutely no logical reason.

Steven worked at Las Cruces Bowling Alley and his wife was attending classes.  This Saturday was no different for the family with Steven heading off to work around 8:00 am taking his two little girls along because the bowling alley had a daycare center the little girls could stay in while he worked and their mother attended her Saturday class.  

Already inside the Bowling Alley were the cook, Ida Holguin (no relation), Stephanie Senac the owners daughter and manager, Stephanie's daughter Melissa Repass who was about 15 at the time and Melissa's friend Amy Houser who was 13.  The two young girls were there to supervise the daycare that day. Unknown to Steven, he was walking right into a massacre that would scar the very souls of families for years to come.  

Steven walked through the door with his two little girls right into the middle of a supposed "Robbery" in progress.  One of the two robbers met them as they walked in and led them in the office where the other four women were lying on the floor.  They were order on the floor and within minutes the two robbers shot all seven people execution style, started a fire on the desk then fled leaving all seven people for dead. 

Steven, Paula and Amy died instantly and Little Valerie died on the way to the hospital.  Ida, Stephanie and Melissa survived. Despite being shot Melissa got up and called 911 and tired to put out the fire.

When Emergency personnel arrived they found the office full of smoke and seven bodies.  They immediately removed all the bodies outside.  Although, emergency personnel were trying to save lives; in the process evidence was destroyed.  

Las Cruces Police had never encountered an incident such as this and were not prepared to handle it although they put a tremendous effort into trying when this tragedy occurred.

The suspects (at the time) were described as of Hispanic or Latin race, the older one from his late 30's to early 40's, 5' 5", medium build about 160 to 180 pounds.  The younger one was described in his mid to late 20's, 5'6" to 5'8" medium build, approx 190 pounds. 

Many people have speculated about the owner's (Ronald Senac) business deals and the shady characters he was known to mingle with. He has been a suspicious character and many people  described him as into drugs. He was known to spend his money foolishly and was always "out of town on business" unrelated to the bowling alley.

Ida stated that she "sensed" that the robbers did not have robbery as their primary motive, it was if they "were looking for something else before they went to the safe".  Ida had also mentioned that some time before this incident she (and others) thought she had seen people who looked exactly like them sitting at a table and just watching everyone, not bowling, playing pool, or anything offered at the bowling alley.  

The two suspects did not wear masks or gloves, and were seen by many running across a very busy street (Amador Ave) and alley way.  They were seen by another bowling alley employee before he left the parking area, prior to the incident, outside the building. LCPD believes that someone may have sheltered them after the incident.

This tragedy has been covered on Unsolved Mysteries, America's Most Wanted and Montel. Despite numerous tips and possible suspects, nothing has ever been solved in this tragedy.

Steven had ask his brother long ago to take care of his daughters if anything ever happened to him, and although his daughters have passed on, he is still on a quest to "take care of them" and bring all of them justice.  

Please if you have any information about this case, no matter how insignificant you may think it is, please contact Detective Mark Meyers with the Las Cruces Police Department, or email us.  

by Renee Green from www.statetostateunsolved.com

Please take a moment and view the suspect drawings here.

By Sketch artist Lois Gibson out of the Houston P.D. See her amazing work at  http://www.forensicartclasses.com/default.asp)


"Someone I Love Was Murdered"

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